Denis R. Joanisse - Muscle Research Laboratory

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Laval Hospital Research Centre and
Division of Kinesiology
0223 PEPS building
Université Laval
Sainte-Foy, Québec
Canada G1K 7P4

(418) 656-7874
Fax: (418) 656-2441

Associate professor
Department of Social and Preventive Medicine
Faculty of Medicine

Postdoctoral research
J-A. Simoneau, Université Laval (1998-99)
R. M. Tanguay, Université Laval (1995-98)

Ph.D. (1995) Biology
K.B. Storey, Carleton University

Research interests
Studies on the role of and perturbations to muscle in obesity, diabetes, and in performance. Particular interests include energy metabolism, cellular damage and antioxidants, as well as intracellular lipid accumulation.


Lab members

Other interests
Joanis-Depocas family genealogy